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OCTG Supplies & Tubular Services

OCTG Supplies & Tubular Services

Skyshore Mega Services undertake the supply of various sizes of high quality seamless casing and tubing equipment for drilling, completion and production activities

We are sufficiently experienced to provide equipment, mining tools and personnel for running OCTG for casing, steel and chrome tubing tongs. Some of the equipment include; Elevators, Spiders, tongs for casing from 7” to 26” and for tubing from ” to 7”, etc. Complete with back-ups.

In addition, we supply the following key equipment: Hydraulic power units, diesel engine (that conforms to class 1 division, explosion proof classification), complete w/hoses, bucking units complete with hydraulic power tugs range from ” up to 28” plus minimum of two CAM systems complete with cables, turns encoder, load cells and quick-stab top drive casing fill-up tool to fit all sizes of casing